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Volunteer Opportunity KMM Trainer/Facilitator

KMM Trainer/Facilitator
Thank you for your support in our MENDAKI events. We are truly appreciative of each one of you who dedicate your personal time to be of service to the community.

We would like to invite you to our Programme Based Volunteer Opportunities, called KKM (KelabMateMatika), as a Trainer or Facilitator.

What is KMM?

KelasMateMatika@Community Centre or KMM@CC is a community programme which was announced in early September to the community. It comprises 2 modules where Module A is from MENDAKI[1] for 6 consecutive weeks followed by Module B from People Association [PA] for 4 consecutive weeks.

Trainers and Facilitators are 2 key roles in ensuring the smooth delivery of Tiga M or KMM@CC. Trainers who will manage the parents will conduct discussions and share information on basic numeracy concepts to enhance parents’ understanding on the children’s continuum development of mathematical skills. They will also demonstrate hands-on activities, based on the different mathematical concepts shared each week. Facilitators will manage the children group and engage them in activities that explore early numeracy concepts. The activities conducted are fun and simple yet meaningful without comprising the basic knowledge they are required to internalise.

In order to be a trainer or facilitator, you are required to undergo 20 hours of training which comprises of Tiga M content sharing, mediated learning techniques and at least 3 job shadowing sessions with trainers and facilitators who have the in-depth knowledge of the programme before they can be deployed to conduct the workshop.

No allowance or honorarium will be given throughout their training session. Allowance of $50 will only be given after you have been deployed.

The next training will be conducted on 23 and 24 March from 9am to 4pm @ Wisma MENDAKI. If you have what it takes to be a Trainer of Facilitator and able to attend the training kindly sign up here
23/03/2019 - 24/03/2019
09:00 - 16:00
Norlela Ahmad
51 Kee Sun Ave
Slots Available: 18